Why I created the Monthly Giveaway For You

The main reason is I love giving away prizes! I have been giving away advertising and prizes since Free Advertising For You launched in 2017 and it has helped grow the site into one of the top advertising sites out there. Most of the big prizes I give away benefit members who promote the sites.

I know not everyone can bring in referrals or want to focus on their main opportunity instead of promoting an advertising site. This prize does not rely on sponsoring and that means everyone has an equal chance of winning the top prize every month.

Of course the monthly contests are still going to happen and if you choose to promote the site you could win up to $100 in cash at one or both sites every month!

How to qualify for the Monthly Giveaway For You drawing

This is the easy and FUN part about the drawing that I love to explain!

Claiming promo codes is how you earn entries in the drawing. The more promo codes you claim throughout the month, the more entries you will have in the drawing. Promo code entries from both Free Advertising For You & Viral Mailer For You are combined and then I choose the winners from this list. Promo codes are sent to newsletter members and are also posted throughout the month on the weekly updates that I put out each week at both sites. The promo codes give you credits or advertising so by claiming them you are also going to be getting more advertising for your sites in addition to the entries in the contest. Win-Win for YOU! Don't worry, I give away ALOT of promo codes throughout the month and I will be giving away more codes now that this new giveaway has been announced.

The 2nd qualification is that you must be a member of both Free Advertising For You & Viral Mailer For You to qualify for the grand prize. Again, this is easy as both sites are 100% free to join. You just need to make sure that you edit your details in the back office and add your Viral Mailer For You username at Free Advertising For You and your Free Advertising For You username at Viral Mailer For You. This is to ensure your name is included in the drawing as some people join sites with different usernames and they only way I can ensure you are a member of both sites when running the query to find qualifying members is through this field.

The 3rd and final qualifcation is that you need to have at least 500 activity points at BOTH sites in the previous 30 days before the drawing. This is another easy qualification as you can earn 100 points a day at Free Advertising For You and close to that amount every day at Viral Mailer For You. The only bad thing about this is if you happen to join a few days before the contest you won't be able to qualify for the next drawing but after that you will be able to qualify for all future drawing as long as you meet all the qualifications.

Bonus: Every 250 points over 500 at each site will get you one additional entry in the drawing. 750-999 - bonus entry 1000-1249 - bonus entry etc. This is at both sites. If you have earned 1100 activity points in the previous 30 days on 11/7 you would have 4 extra entries in the drawing.

How does the Monthly Giveaway For You benefit all members?

This is another easy one because members that have their advertising set up at both sites are going to benefit from the activity that this contest generates. To earn activity points you have to login, click on solos or credit emails, click on banner ads etc. The more people clicking on these ads is more traffic for you. Is every visitor going to be awesome? No, but you are going to get a lot more traffic to your sites by having this listed and some of those people will look at your offer if it is something they need.

Many, many members tell me that thier # 1 signup source is FAFY and/or VMFY. It doesn't matter how many prizes are given away, if members are not getting results from their advertising they will not use the site. Members that use these 2 sites get results, PERIOD!

Another potential benefit for you as a member is if you upgrade to a Diamond member at Viral Mailer For You. As a Diamond member, you will be able to add your site to our rotator that is shown when members collect their promo codes. This is just one of the bonuses that Diamond members get. Again, it is not required to upgrade, but if you choose to, you will get lots of bonus traffic and many more benefits.

How to get 2 FREE entries in the
Monthly Giveaway For You right now?

These are the "FOREVER" entries. As long as you meet all the other qualifications (member of both sites, 500 activity points in previous 30 days at both sites) you will always have at least 2 entries in the contest. This is like having 2 tickets to the lottery drawing every time the numbers are drawn!

Entry #1: Claim Promo Code: FAFYForeverEntry in the members area of Free Advertising For You. Link to join is below if you are not a member.

Entry #2: Claim Promo Code: VMFYForeverEntry in the members area of Viral Mailer For You. Link to join is below if you are not a member.

One final note, if you want to promote this contest, the pages are only available at Viral Mailer For You. You can find the link on the "Affiliate Pages and Banners" page in your VMFY back office.