Win A $700 Ad Package

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Lifetime Diamond Membership At Free Advertising For You...$77 Value

6 Month Diamond Membership At Viral Mailer For You...$77 Value

30 Solo Ads...$450 Value

4 "Set 'N Forget" Solo Ads...$120 Value

1 Lifetime Banner...$50 Value

Multiple Text And Banner Ads...$50+ Value

That is over $700 worth of REAL Advertising Value

If you are thinking nobody buys this advertising, you are mistaken!

Press play on the video below to see multiple $77 payments for the exact advertising you can WIN every month!

All you have to do to qualify for this drawing, that is held on the 7th day of every month, is earn 500 activity points at FAFY & 500 activity points at VMFY in the previous 30 days before the drawing!

You get bonus entries by claiming promo codes.

It sounds crazy to give this away, but it is working, so I keep doing it.

Members are super active which means more visitors to your sites.

Members are happy because they get more traffic and signups due to increased traffic.

Happy members are more willing to invest in their business by purchasing additional advertising and upgrades!

I'm even going to give you 2 FOREVER ENTRIES today. This means as long as you earn your 500 activity points at both sites you will have at least 2 bonus entries every drawing!

You don't have to spend all day to earn activity points either. It is easy to earn points, and 500 points in 30 days takes just minutes a day.

We have 100's of members that earn 1000+ points every 30 days at FAFY to qualify for the 1K Club.

I took the GIF below from my admin back office and it shows just some of the members and how many points they have earned in the past 30 days. Notice the membership levels (VIP, Diamond and Gold are paying members!). A large % of these members are paying members, which is even better for you because these members will be viewing YOUR ads too when you become a member!

Ready to join and get qualified? Remember you are going to get some of the best advertising around as a member of these 2 sites also, so even if you don't win the $700 grand prize you are still going to be a winner with the signups and sales you'll be getting!

Before you signup, save these two promo codes, so you can use them when you login to your members area. These codes guaranteee you 2 extra entries in the drawing every month as long as you earn 500 points at both sites:

Entry #1: Claim Promo Code: VMFYForeverEntry in the members area of Viral Mailer For You. Link to join is below if you are not a member.

Entry #2: Claim Promo Code: FAFYForeverEntry in the members area of Free Advertising For You. Link to join is below if you are not a member.