From day 1, my goal with the "For You" sites has been to provide targeted traffic to active members.

The way I run the sites is different than almost every free advertising site you have seen.

Below are a few ways the sites are different.

1. If a member does not login or use the site for 30 days, they are put on vacation and their ads stop showing.

The reason I do this is to help active members get their ads seen more. If someone is not using the site, why should their ads be displayed?

2. I publish a weekly update every week. The updates let member's know what is going on with the sites.

3. I Give Back To Member's By Having Multiple Contests.

Everyone loves winning prizes, and advertiser's love all the traffic and signups they get from member's viewing thier ads.

This is not PTC. The contests are a way for me to share the profits from the sites with the members. There are no guarantees that you will win a prize, but many of our active members do!

As you can see, everything I do is to help you get a ton of traffic to your sites!

You don't have to take my word for it, take a look at what some of our happy member's say...

Check Out Some Of The Benefits You Get When You Join These 2 Sites:

I almost forgot to mention the biggest drawing of them all. If you earn 500 activity points at both sites, you'll be entered in the Monthly Giveaway For You drawing! It is easy to do this, and 100's of members qualify for the drawing every month.

Here is what is given away on the 7th of every month in that drawing:

1 Member Wins $700 Ad Package

2 Members Win $50

3 Members Win $25

10 Members Win 10 Solo Ads

Don't wait another minute...

Joining both of the "For You" sites will help you drive a massive amount of targeted traffic to your sites.

You need to be a member of BOTH sites to get all of the benefits mentioned on this page. Make sure you read the how to use the site pages after you join to ensure you get ALL the benefits!

NOTE: Links Below Open In A New Window So You Can Come Back And Join Both Sites